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Do not autoselect if storage category expands

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Early game, I put a dirt storage by my research stations. I expand Cultivable Soil and check 'Dirt', which is the only option in that category as there is no clay available yet.

Once my deodorizers start going, clay becomes available, and those dirt compactors auto select clay to be stored there as well, resulting in disease contamination as dirty dupes haul clay out of the bathroom or whatever area.

This is undesirable behavior.

This is also applicable for: if you store coal in a compactor, and then oxylite / bleach stone become available, liquifiables, if you're choosing to store sandstone in compactors and then granite/etc become available, if I'm storing copper ore and I dig some iron ore, etc.

If a storage category expands, any additional boxes should be unchecked by default.

I can envision this being implemented as:

If subitems available to a category expand, If (category has one or more subitems selected for storage), do not select additional subitems for storage.


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