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Elements in game on the map

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I dunno if this has been asked before, (i am not searching the archives for it).

Has anyone ever asked or suggested that we have a sub layer map like the others that show(defines) what elements are present in your construction?

Where it shows what elements are in which boxes? It's one thing to mouse over thousands of bricks of absyallite looking for the errant ceramic tile. We need a toggle, a sub-layer map, that shows(distinguishes) the individual elements that things are composed of. You would turn it on/off like the others. And for each map type it would show a letter, or number, or some other distinguishing feature, like hue, to specify what element it is. So we can 'read' the map. Quickly locate inconsistencies with our constructs. It could be a letter, of different colors, a number, ANYTHING that allows us to AVOID mousing over thousands of blocks in vain attempt to find one.

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