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Gorge History (Stat Tracker)

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GlassArrow    107

Hey everyone! I just updated my mod so that it adds a new tab to the recipe book called Gorge History. This tab will show you every run that you have done in the gorge with my mod active. This includes individual player stats (click the player icon to toggle) for that run, meal list, and basic stats about each run. Below the meal list are some basic filter buttons that you can use to cycle through your meals or find your highest score or fastest time (etc). Above the meal list and below the date/time you will see 2 icons. These icons are filters that will filter which runs are displayed. One of them shows all victorious runs and the other shows all runs that are qualified for the tournament. I hope this helps you guys with planning your runs and keeping track of where you currently stand! Link to mod:

Basic Layout:



Player Stats:








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