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  1. If you think about it, the bread in waffles is made out of meat.
  2. It is more of a question than a statement of a bug. Why when you pick up lightbulbs with a full inventory, they stack on your mouse. On other hand when u pick up honey with a full inventory, it drops all around you with only one single honey in your mouse. Inconsistency! UNACCEPTABLE!
  3. Hello! Appreciate your work on resolving my previous issue! So there is a strange thing with solo fastest leader board again. As you can see this guy is #1 right now, but I've been checking steam and there is only one guy with that name in entire steam. No one was named like this before even. And the actual guy who owns that exact account posted that on the forums: I checked his records on 2 and 3 people leader boards, and found this: Notice that it has the same stats for Satisfied Cravings and Missed Cravings. And well, the name is the same too. So I think what happened is: They did a regular 2 people run, but the game leader board registered it as a 1 person run and now shows it up there. All i want to know is: Can the leader board record be checked for this particular #1 run? And if I am right, can this be fixed? If I am not right, then my bad and sorry for the inconvenience! P.S. I just want my first place ;-; P.P.S. I have video evidence of my runs, if it is needed.
  4. Yeah, figured that out too. Just did an 8:43 run. Shame that it will not be saved :\ Good thing i was prepared and recorded the run
  5. Yeah, looks like it. I just did a 8:59 solo run, but don't think it will shop up there either :\
  6. Hello. I've been on leaderboard of "Top Teams/1 Player Teams" today, but some time later my record is gone. Although, I got on a leaderboard of "Top Teams/2 Player Teams", maybe that deleted my record? Before: After getting on 2 Player Teams Leaderboard: