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[Enhancement] Dupe Customization

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Please implement skill trees for dupes. 

Allow dupes to unlock skills via the current system. Allow dupes to spend points on enhancing their skills. 

Example. You have a dupe you have skilled/level upto 12 mining. Hazah, congrats. Now allow the player to spend upto 12 points on mining related skills. 1 to 12% more ore? Unlock an ability to mine 2 blocks at the same time using 5 points? Ability to mine and build a block at the same time at half speed for 5 points? people here could come up with better. 

Example. You have a dupe that is level 15 Construction. Unlock ability to enhance machines through your construction prowess? 5 points. Every extra point spent upto 5 each add 3% enhancement to the buildings main ability.At full point spending, that is 15%. Batteries that hold 15% more charge? Generators that generate 15% more energy? Elecrolyzers that pump 15% more air and hydrogen? Ladders of such fine quality dupes can climb them 15% faster? I could go on and on..

Thats not even getting into many more ideas per 'tree' or all the other trees of skill. 

Point is, customization and allowing people to level their dupes and really give them depth really requires this. 



Oh yeah and please add invasion events customization weaponry wormholes to more maps, boss fights etc thx.

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Individual skill trees for dupes seems kind of tedious and unnecessary.

What I would like Klei to implement is another form of researching, kind of like what you just suggested except the benefits are applied to the entire colony.  What would be even cooler is if there were "crossroads."  Splitting paths that you can only take once, and can never chose the alternative.  This would take some tweaking to avoid insane meta "builds", but it would be really cool to see.  For instance, what if in the Farming skill tree, there was a split.  One path improves the benefits of fertilizer, while the other made farming less resource intensive.  So you could either take the path of least resistance and just have more efficient returns on your farming, or take the harder path and set up a system for exploding crop growth.

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