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  1. This build is broken. Im not sure this can all be fixed in 1 week, but I am turning off all updates to this game for the foreseeable future. I really enjoy the idea of the expressive stuff and the quality of life point system, but this was not even ready for a preview it was not really thought out well. You can see dozens of issues just for playing 1 hour, its not fun. This game is about time management, and we somehow need to trade fun expressiveness for loss of time? Why? Also why are you adding this stuff when basic things like blueprints. block picking and frequently accessed blocks are still not in the game? These are vital pieces to a game like this. Dont build the game so top-heavy that it threatens to fall over. New features are welcome but finish the foundation please. You're basically adding dupe #10 while supplying all your oxygen from only one deoxydizer. We need infrastructure now, more paintings later. TLDR: Expressiveness The idea 9/10 The implementation 2/10 Priority 5/10 Priority to add needed features first from above 10/10 with all dupes at very high priority. Who wishes they could set development priority through a voting system? It would be in everyones best interest for the community to say what they want and the dev team to deliver. That = $$$, that = fun. Who loses there?
  2. Well it was fun for a few cycles till this sillyness. Also whats with the strange spike in quality of life measurement for one of the dupes?
  3. Save File Editor

    Nisbet is said to be hard-coded to piss in the biggest water supply around.
  4. Dupes won't use massage table

    This is certainly not fixed unfortunatly. I have everything on Priority 5, dupes are ignoring priority 9 message tables and getting continually more stressed. They even start to idle while the massage table is stilling right there fully powered and fully path-able. I have destroyed the tables, rebuilt, forced dupes to be trapped with the tables, relogged the game - everything. Clearly they are still bugged, or there is a hidden mechanic that isnt made clear enough that is preventing them to get on the table. Also note the tables are set for activation on 20 stress or higher down to 0 stress, so its not that (unless that is whats bugged) You can see in the below image they have resorted to cleaning up. All storage is priority 5. 60 stress and climbing.