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Experiment time with light bulbs need info

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Lets say im at caves there is a single lightbulb bud by entrance

the question is, if i burn it 

will come back a single lightbulb or does it have a chance to become a triple or double light bulb?

and will it regenerate if i burn it?

plz help with these 2 questions thnk you

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Light flowers do come back via world regrowth, and will respawn if you burn them.

They will attempt to respawn after 5 days in a 5 tile radius of where the original flower was. They will not respawn within 0.75 tiles of any entity, so respawned flowers will not overlap things like stalagmites and other light flowers. Also worth noting, light flowers will not attempt to respawn within 5 tiles of any structure or wall, or if the player is nearby (19.2 tiles).

Regrowth for light flowers are calculated separately, so a single light flower cannot become a double or a triple and vice versa. If a single light flower is burned, the world will attempt to respawn a single light flower.

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