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Guide for starting a new world with full inventory


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This is my guide how I transfer to new worlds and get as much out of a map as possible on steam.

-Start a new game as wilson.

-Play like normal and look for the wooden thing.

-Once you find the wooden thing, make a small base there, build the research structures and place 2-3 chests there.

-Research as much as possible, this will save you some time on the new worlds.

-Gather the un-renewable reso,urce you want to bring with you, like Berry bushes, rocks, fireflies, graveyard trinkets, honeycomb.

-Gathering lots of valuable materials will also make life easier, such as gold, pig skins, spider web, twigs and grass.

-Krampus sack if you have the energy to farm for it.

-Shave of the longest beard and bring some beard hairs.

-Cook 10-20 meat once you are ready to leave.

When finished, you might have an inventory like this:

Posted Image

Now to back up this save, incase you want to transfer into a new world with a full inventory.

Posted Image

To restore the backup, delete the remote and remotecache.vdf in the main folder and replace them with your back up files, like this.

Posted Image

After doing that, close steam and open it again, now your save game at the time before transfering to a new world.

If this is considered cheating or breaking any rules, then take down the thread please!

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