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Lag Compensation is baaad, mmmkay.

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Hey fellow PS4 players, I wanted to pop on and mention this, as it was a big turning point for me in my combat gameplay. When I first started playing, I had a horrible time killing things. Spiders were about the only thing I could handle. Trying to kill Beefalo was an absolute nightmare, and I could not figure out why I could not emulate the kiting guides online. I could dodge fine, but when I attempted to return an attack my character would seem to hesitate, or would swing halfway and stop, frustrating me to no end. Once I discovered the setting for lag compensation, and disabled it, things changed dramatically. I was able to do small intricate dodges, and retaliate with well timed strikes. If you are struggling with combat on the PS4, I highly recommend playing with this setting, it may change things a lot for you as it did for me!

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Yup, yup. Lag compensation is a bad option to keep turned on as far as combat goes for pretty much all versions of DST.

To be honest, they should probably have it set to off by default at this point. I replied to a couple of bug posts that mentioned not being able to hit Deerclops which I'm almost certain is due to this setting.

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