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  1. As someone with some experience in game development, I just gotta say you do great work Klei. I love the your sense of humor and the difficulty you put into your games. I frequently play the heck out of a game and then toss it away forever, but DST has always kept me coming back, and each time I do I go deeper down the rabbit hole, finding more crazy things I never knew about and conquering things I used to consider impossible. This is why I am happy to pay for the new characters, and maybe even buy a skin pack here and there. Great work everyone!
  2. Mini signs on chests

    I'm always such a time junky, trying to keep things moving, so all the meticulous placement goes out the window. My bases look like those spider webs crafted by spiders on LSD.
  3. Metheus Puzzle?

    Super excited for the opportunity to get this skin, that trail of shadow stuff is a fantastic effect! I have been jealous of PC for this one for awhile.
  4. My pet Beefy..

    Question for the Beefalo tamers out there, once domesticated.. Could I setup a couple of salt licks and then just leave my Beefy at the base for long periods of time without fear of losing Domestication? Say, if I wanted to head into the ruins for a season?
  5. Metheus Puzzle?

    Good to hear! I -love- that skin.
  6. Mini signs on chests

    How do you place so precisely on ps4??
  7. Metheus Puzzle?

    Is the Metheus Puzzle on PS4, and if not, is it coming?
  8. Target locking..

    Playing on PS4 here and having some real problems understanding the target lock system. It just seems to randomly assign an enemy as locked.. How do I manually lock what I want?? Thanks!
  9. [Game Update] - 154

    Is the Lunar Biome already in Ps4 version, if not when is that planned?
  10. Hamlet PS4 Release Date?

    Still no word if Hamlet is coming at all???
  11. Just wondering if there is any release window for Hamlet on PS4?
  12. The idea is to help Klei make the money it takes to continue creating amazing, creative and challenging content for us, FOR FREE. Even with that intention they STILL give us a way to get them without spending money. This just proves Klei's love for games AND gamers. Pay or don't, the choice is yours.
  13. I fully understand all that goes into creating this kind of content, and porting it over. Nothing but love for these folks at Klei! DST is fantastic, I can't help but be eager!
  14. Nope, From CharlesB on the PS4 thread, "We're hoping to bring this all together and have it in your hands to experience before the end of the PC event. Now I'd better get back to the kitchen before Chef asks for my apron." Dude. PS: I like your signature pic!
  15. Annnnd now plenty of time to make good on the word of having Consoles done before the Steam event ends.