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 I have a problem with DST, when I log in my server with any mod(s) DST just turns off. I tried all the theoretically possible and impossible options(as user, not as coder, coz im noob in coding), but nothing happens. I tried a full reinstall of the game, but that didn't help either. Without any mods I can log in my server.

Here is line with my trouble:

[00:01:17]: Assert failure 'idx < mFreeIndex' at c:\dst-jobs\workspace\DST_BuildGame_Windows\source\util/staticvector.h(66): Trace follows...




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Hello @Magnus32, welcome to the forums. This is just a guess, but based on the client log it seems that the PARTY DANCE mod is having issues.Snippet from your log, below:

[00:01:08]: WARNING: icon paths for mod workshop-437521942 (PARTY DANCE) are not valid. Got icon_atlas="preview.xml" and icon="preview.tex".
Please ensure that these point to valid files in your mod folder, or else comment out those lines from your modinfo.lua.

Then looking at the modpage in the workshop,  it seems like it needs ANOTHER mod to be downloaded in tandem with that PARTY DANCE mod. If you read the description in the workshop page of the PARTY Dance mod.

API Emote Mod

Can you confirm whether or not you have that mod? It could be crashing because you don't have it.

Also, report to the bug tracker (Bug Tracker: DST) for any future issues with modless DST. I hope that helps, cheers.

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@Zillvr I have API Emote Mod


I think that the problem is not in the mods, but in something else, coz without mods I can log in my server, with any mod(s) - client or sever - I can't do this. I haven't any crash screen and this is wierd, the game just turns off. 

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@Magnus32, it crashes when you start up a server with mods right? Which server slot are you using? If you are using Server Slot 1, then do the following:

  • Go to Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\Cluster_1\Master (Cluster_# corresponds to the Server Slot you are running it from the Host Game screen)
  • Inside the Master folder, attach the server_log.txt from there to your next reply.


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@Magnus32, sadly I can't pin point what could be causing the issue. You did say it only crashes when you have mods on, but you have a lot of mods active (based on what I'm seeing on the server_log.txt). My only last advice is to manually figure out which mod is causing your crash by enabling each mod one by one until crashing happens again.

So something like, enable Mod #1, then run server. If no crash, go back and enable Mod #2 along side Mod #1. If still no crash, enable Mod #3 alongside Mod #2 and #1. So on and so forth until the same crash happens. That way you can determine which specific mod out of the many mods you have is causing issues.

Also try and remake the server each time. It'll be tedious, I'm sorry but I'm out of ideas since this is a mod related issue after all. Hopefully somebody with better know how will come in and give better workarounds for your issue. Until then, I'm stumped.

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