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I've been playing for a while now; I'm still not great so death is a fairly frequent occurrence and I was just thinking of ways that death could have some other functionality.

Genetic Ooze:

     Dupes are constructed of this however it is never encountered. I was wondering if this could become a resource to reconstitute fallen dupes. Say you have a few red-shirts that died and are deciding on where you want to bury them. Instead one could choose to process the dead and reconstitute an expert miner that may have died and slowed down progress.


     In particular with magma;currently an unprotected dupe dropped into magma... is kinda fine?!?


If genetic ooze became a used material then the extreme hazards like magma would be able to melt/vaporize dupes into genetic ooze/genetic vapor. In particular magma should be a bit more dangerous without an exosuit. This would also allow for the choice of using dead dupes for decor with graveyards or keeping your favorite/skilled dupes through reprocessing.


There could be a mid/late game tech that opens up the reprocessing center which takes dead duplicants and outputs liquid genetic ooze and a gas byproduct. The genetic ooze would then be funneled into a reconstitution workshop which would allow you to pick from a list of former duplicants to revive. This could also expand the scientists role late game once the tech tree has been finished. Researchers would be assigned to reconstituting dupes and processing genetic ooze. 

There would have to be a certain ratio to even out between how much ooze is obtained per dead dupe and how much is required to reconstitute one.

EDIT: This could also open up a new morgue room and set of utilities. Cold storage for dead dupes until reprocessing would be essential as dead dupes left about could begin to break down and become unusable as genetic ooze.


That's all I have for now. Hopefully not to morbid :D

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Or maybe, instead of being asked if you want to print out more dups that you almost never will, have the option after you reach full domestication status on some form of wildlife, the ability to print it out.  Or even by sacrificing one to the printer or something. Maybe dupes and other things would have different costs depending on overall mass?

I could use some extra hatches, more than I could use a dupe... that I can't really house or feed at this time, thank you.  They're also small, so maybe I could get two for the price of a dupe.

If both are made out of genetic ooze anyway... why not?

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