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This might contain some critique but see it as constructive feedback!

Hey I just noticed you guys are bringing out Griftlands. I was looking at the trailer and it looks great but what I am missing is the " why is it fun to negotiate" part.
It might be because I am not the target group. I like click and plays with narrative such as baldurs gate or day of the tentacle, but dialogues in trailers always look a bit boring to me. 

So I havent played Griftlands but if its all about negotiating and trading, and there are moments like  " whoo i got this **** done!" then maybe you need to suggest that more in your promotion.

OH or you could visualise the dialogues in textballoons, so it willl feel more like an interactive comic. You know those spawn comics, where each characters has a different feel to their textballoons. That would be awesome.

For the rest of the forum, feel free to tell me I am wrong and that you really like the trailer, but then also explain me what you like about it.
I am a huge fan of dontstarve and oxygennotincluded, so I am looking forward to another great game by Klei

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