Solo guide : No Silver only Stone Soup


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Hello everyone,

I read on this forum a way to finish a game of the gorge only with stone soup.

So I manage to try and finally win. Here's a video and a resume bellow.

Quick resume :

First, get 15 stones, buy a cookpot, cut 9 woods, get 2 mushrooms, the 4 potatoes, 2 roots and 6 foliages.

Start cooking the fisrt soup. In same time Till the soil for wheat. Do 3 soups and the the jam dessert.

Collect all the pieces deliver the jam and buy 2 blue seeds and 1 fluffy then open the gate.

Try to cooking soups in the same time. Manage the fire power to do things in same time.

Plant the seeds, while cooking the 6 stone soup, go place 9 tree tapping kit and buy the syrup pot.

Collect 3 other foliages on the way back

Buy a large grill and install it. You can collect some poop and deliver some of stone soup you have made.

After that the must be ready and the wheat too.

Prepare the syrup, we only need one and collect wheat.

Take 8 pieces to buy and place a salt rack when you go to make the flour.

Do waffle for the second dessert.

Collect the tress potatoes and cook the 3 next soups we need.

Plants 8 more blue seeds. Cook in same time. And use poop as fuel.

Plant also 3 potatoes again.

Now we have 3 soups we can collect the syrup trees and get 6 more foliages. Use syrup as fuel now.

Collect 6 berries, use them for 3 soup and dessert.

While still cooking soup, use your red mark, buy milk and preapre scone.

Now if you have well planned your cooking time, you must have 3 soups ready in the vault.

Give one and go make the 4 flours we need and collect the salt.

Collect syrup for fire again.

Do the 2 scone before milk spoil. Deliver the soups until the dessert.

Salt the dessert if they have spoiled.

Collect the potatoes and buy a second cookpot to doing faster the 3 last soups we need.

Collect salt for the last dessert, if they have spoiled to much you won't have a favour.

3 soups the last dessert and we are ready to go away. :)


Sorry for my writting, I'm not an english speaker or writer.

If you have questions or need a french explanation tell me. :D


Thanks in advance for your reading and your time. Have a nice day.









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