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  1. Hi, our team has scored 13647 points on the Gorge around June 16, 19:25 UTC+9 (Around 3 hours ago) We are supposedly the highest score as of now, but are not appearing on the leaderboard for top scoring teams. The rankings have refreshed at least once during this time frame, and we are worried that our progress has been lost. We are the same team which is currently marked 8th, and have changed our steam nicknames to Korean(졍, 붉은등불, 아주버 - in the order that we are shown on the screenshot) if that is relevant. We know that you are incredibly busy regarding the gorge and other issues but we worked real hard because we wanted to achieved the top ranking and it would mean a lot to us if you could look into it. Could you guys please check whether this is a bug or not? Thanks.