Can someone take a picture of Gorge Recipes?


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Can someone show me a screenshot of what the gorge recipes tab looks like? Idk why, but the page doesnt work for me :(. When I click the tab it just shows Discovered Recipes 0/70, Top scores, Week 1 Archived scores. I'd just like to see 1 screenshot and maybe some help to get the page working?

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Is this page not working for you? If that's the case, you can try resetting your browser cache/cookies, or just try opening the page in a private browser tab (because that behaves like a completely fresh browser.)

If that's not working, which Browser are you using? I've tried it on both Firefox and Chrome on the latest version. (Chrome took a second to load all the images though.)


(Screenshot taken using Firefox screenshorts, the background at the top doesn't scroll, so it's not a blank background when you scroll down, but the same as at the top)

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