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Help: Console commands

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You can try a command like:

c_spawn("shovel").components.finiteuses:SetUses(<amount of uses it should have left>) 
-- or
c_spawn("shovel").components.finiteuses:SetPercentage(0.5) [[(for 50% durability)]]

for tools. Iirc for weapons you have to do an additional .weapon in the command like

c_spawn("spear").weapon.components.finiteuses:SetUses(<amount of uses it should have left>) 
c_spawn("spear").weapon.components.finiteuses:SetPercentage(0.5) [[(for 50% durability for example)]]

For spoilage I'm not really sure, but you could try something like

c_spawn("meatballs").components.perishable.SetPercent(0.5) [[50% spoiled for example]]


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10 minutes ago, WesleyT245 said:

I was tired of summoning treegaurds

If you just want to prevent Treeguards from spawning you can simply disable their spawns like this:

TheWorld.topology.overrides.liefs = "never"

Afaik even chopping small trees spawn Treeguards, so if that's the only reason why you want only small trees, it'll prob not work.

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2 hours ago, WesleyT245 said:

It doesn't seem like the weapon ones are working. They are still spawning 100% ones.

Try running the weapon one with


(without the .weapon). Maybe I remembered it incorrectly, and it's the same as normal tools.

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