Optional "reset characters" feature?

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I hope I put this in the right place. Here goes! Okay, so, I've been playing DS again (it's been 4 years since I did) and I've been looking at what I've unlocked. Since Don't Starve is single player only, I was suddenly hit by an idea, "what if there was a 'reset unlock' button that undid your character unlocks and exp to earn them all back again by playing the usual song and dance? that could be an interesting time killer" It wouldn't affect Don't Starve Together since that's an entirely separate thing, but what made trudging through day in and day out for me in DS were those unlocks. I found them to be fantastic rewards, in all honesty, for my efforts in trying to survive the "normal" gamemode. It's like the game said "oh, you died? that's okay, have some exp (and maybe a new character) for doing a good job anyway. see you next time". The playtime will remain the same but the unlockable characters will be reset to their locked state (except for the main boi Wilson) by clicking a button. It would, of course, ask if you're sure you want to proceed as a failsafe prompt in case you accidentally click it. It would be just a minor(major?) thing, something to have, an option. It would really crank up the "gotta survive just one more day" feeling again since you get more exp the longer you stay alive. Coming here and looking at what's been buzzing around in the forums, though, I think the fixes feel more important.

This is just an idea. I love the game, but when all is said and done, it does get boring from time to time if there's not much else besides doing the daily survival routine. Surviving a hostile world being boring? Only in a video game. XD

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I found this old thread that tells how to re-lock/reset all characters using console commands, hope it helps!



If that doesn't do it, I also found on the Steam discussion forums, someone else said to enter this into the console:



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