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Hi, I don't know why it only occured to me now, but why do Klei games, in particular Hot Lava, not have replay recording? I mean a way to record input and other game data to a file that the game can replay, sort of like a "video".

I imagine updates would break them very easily, but they would still be extremely useful for reporting bugs. I mean, reporting a bug by describing it to you isn't particularly helpful. I could just send you the replay and then you'd be able to find the exact piece of code that's causing the bug!

Thoughts, comments? Congratulations on yet another great game, by the way!

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  • Developer

Replays are recorded :) They are currently only saved out when you finish a course.  You can watch your friends best replay from the leaderboard screen, and you will race against your previous replay when you re-run a course.

We will add better controls for saving and viewing replays that are not just your best time in the future.  Thank you for the suggestion!


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