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New behaviour of gases?

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I started a new colony for the space upgrade, it's getting ahrd since I started with a really low ammount of algae, however when I made my oxygen room with electrolizers I noticed Hidrogen dont move to the left like it used to, also, CO2 and Chlorine dont go to the bottom corner like before... is it me or did it change?

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6 hours ago, XEVEN said:

Tbh I never liked the sided behavior of gasses, especially if you like symmetry. It wasn't realistic either. Now we can deal with gasses using symmetrical designs.

There was debate in a thread and due to a certain scientific theory the direction the asteroid was spinning etc was determined and explained why the gasses did what they did. But obviously this is a game :p gasses do still prefer to move but it is only noticable over really large areas now IIRC

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