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My character mod is crashing! (Filename issues!)

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Hi, this is my very first mod, so please go easy on me.:wilson_smile:


First thing's first;

This is a character mod. My friend and I were making our personas be playable on DST. But we hit a weird snare...

Also, the mod works. It's just when a friend of mine and I try to use our mods [characters] and we use them on the same server. it glitches out. My friend's character looked like mine and talked like her's.

We had realized it was the names "carify/Carify/CARIFY" Both her and myself had this problem. We could not change the names of all the files or it will break into pieces. And the screenshot is the result of such attempts. We looked around trying to find tutorials. None of them worked.



When I change it all like so-




It dies on me.


So the two mods cannot have the same names or it really acts funny. But then when I try changing the files names and such. It shatters like glass!

What sucks is that both she and I put a lot of hard work into our mods, and neither of us has any clue on what to do now.

I'm willing upload the file. I tried changing "carify" to "dier". It's always a possibility that it could be one small thing I overlooked too.

Please, if anyone could help me with this unusual issue, please notify me asap. If you need more details, I'll do my best with answering any questions. Hopefully, this can be resolved.

p.s. I apologize if I was not so clear, or if I was confusing! I'm just as confused on what I've done wrong, and I've been up late trying to fix it.

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10 minutes ago, Lumina said:

Adding your mod could help if someone is willing to take a look. Starting with a clean template is also an option i think.

I hope I did this right haha. Alright. I uploaded the one that crashes!

If there is no way of fixing it, then I would like to get my hands on a clean template to use please and thank you <3


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I have found your issue! You Named the files in the Save slot portraits Dier, not dier.

Actually in all of the files named Dier is incorrect, you have the first letter capitalized. an easy fix and the same mistake I had made with my Character XD

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1 hour ago, Andreasgamming said:



I'll say it now, I love how your Character looks

Dier (2).zip

Alright! I'll test it! thank you so much! I eventually plan on adding more things on to her as I pratice with mods. I tottally want to give my character some unique items for the game. :D


Also Aww thank you so much. I'm glad you love my persona. v // v


I was so shy of talking to people in the community due to the last few communities I've tried to be apart of... But holy smokes! This has already been an amazing first impression! I'm so happy! Thank you guys :wilson_smile:


I'll make another post with the link to the mod once the Beta version is ready!

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15 minutes ago, Andreasgamming said:

Your Welcome! ^_^ I did test it and it did work for me, but I didn't try it with other players, though playing with your friend you'll both be your personas thanks to the name changes.

Oh dear... Well. It worked but I'm having one more small problem.

The icon for selecting your character does not work. I'll upload the exact mod with all the updates. I was wondering if you can have another look?

the same thing happens with the map icon too. And most likely the Ghost ones are bugged as well. Can you please help me out again?



Dier help.zip

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3 hours ago, Andreasgamming said:

Oh that's an Easy fix ^_^



Are you saying to move them? Do I need to rename them? if so to what? My apologies but I'm a little confused.

Removing it Crashes the game and so does moving them to the specific folders.

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The PNGs you need to edit are in those folders.
it is easy to do, can either construct your Character's face there OR Do what I did and put a shape or something the correlates to your Character.


Auto compiler will make the TEX and XML Files if there are none present.

Tut 3.png


The Mod Icon is a bit more tricky though.

I fixed the Icons, Also the Mod Icon should show up now.


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My script is not working again. I'll need to mess around with it more I guess.

Everything is how it should be too.




I fixed it! It's working fine again! Here's the link to the mod! thank you once again for all of your help!



Note: I could also not figure out how to disable sanity loss at night. any pointers?

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Luckily for you I got a code.

inst.components.sanity.night_drain_mult = 0 --Default is 1

That removes the sanity drain at night.

then I got this one, This one makes the character lose Sanity during the day, a little at dusk, and gain sanity during the night.

local function sanityfn(inst) -- From start to finish
	local delta = 0
	if TheWorld.state.isday then -- Sanity loss during the day
		delta = -.4 -- This is how much is lost during the day
	elseif TheWorld.state.iscaveday then
		delta = -0.01 -- This is the same as the one above, but for caves
	elseif TheWorld.state.isdusk then -- Dusk or sunset
		delta = -0.08 --the amount lost or gaind during dusk
	elseif TheWorld.state.isfullmoon then --Full moon sanity regen
		delta = 5 --how much is recovered.
	elseif TheWorld.state.isnight then -- General night regen
		delta = 1.2

	return delta 



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