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[MOD] Additional Banter

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Hekateras    363

This mod adds over 150 fan-written banters for many different agents, but notably for agents that lack banters in the vanilla game (e.g. Monst3r and Central, the DLC agents, basegame agents like Sharp and Prism, etc.).

- New banters for basegame agents
- New banters for DLC agents, including three-agent-banters as a "collect the PEIA" special
- Old banters for mod agents from Agents Mod Combo by Shirsh and several new ones
(Note: The Agent Mod Combo no longer contains banters of any kind! They have all migrated here.)

This mod requires Sim Constructor by Cyberboy2000 to run. Not required, but recommended is Cyberboy2000's Generation Options+ mod, which allows you to set the chance that a banter will trigger at the start of a mission, and Agents Mod Combo by Shirsh, linked above.

Thanks to Shirsh, Cyberboy2000 and Mobbstar for helping with the code for this and laying the groundwork that made it possible.

Thanks to fellow banter writers Linenpixel (of, Datapuncher, Salaam, WMGreywind and Caischcer for the banters they contributed to this.

Feel free to discuss the mod on our Discord server:  The same goes if you want to contribute your own banters. There are still many agent combinations that lack banters. Future updates with more banters are planned for this mod, and you can help.

Steam Workshop version:



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