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As far as I know there's currently no easy way to signal the player via automation. I'd love to see some sort of alarm system where we can place some sort of building, supply it with power and have it emit a map-wide sound (and maybe the option to place a notification about the alarm in the top left) when it's automation signal is active.

Maybe we could even select from a couple different sounds, or change the pitch (to make music!).

Here's a usage scenario: Say you have a relatively unstable food production setup and because of it, you have to manually select some eggs for cooking and some hatchlings to kill every couple of cycles. In this case you could link an alarm to your fridges and get notified when they're down to a certain level, instead of being notified too late by the "Food Shortage" notification.

Another scenario would be boiling polluted water. Dirt builds up and has to be manually marked to be dug up, so you could use a liquid pressure sensor to notify you of the missing water (replaced by dirt) with an alarm.

I could keep going but honestly this feature is way too useful to not have it imo.

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3 minutes ago, calibayzone said:

Yes! Alarms have a severity option (white, yellow, red with ding ding, or red with airhorn) and a text field.

i really need to slow down my responding... i think it'd be better to get full customization (in regards to color and sound) but I dunno what the engine can do

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