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  1. I'm noticing that when Drecko eat Mealwood (although it appears to be similar with Pincha Peppers) They will eat a plant down to 0%... and just not stop. They keep fruitlessly trying to eat more from the same plant. They eat, they eat, and they don't seem to get full. This gets out of hand fast if you have multiple Dreckos trying to eat from the same plant. In the picture below, I have five Drecko all trying to eat from the plant on the right, and they're all ignoring the plants to the left. (except for paul, he's a clever one and came from the left instead of the right.
  2. While we're on an upside down falling animation, it may be a good idea to make Dreckos fall when they're called for. A dupe can be whistling for a full minute waiting for a Drecko to crawl to him if he's on the ceiling. You could slash that time if he drops when whistled for and walks the rest of the way.
  3. I've run into this too. This could be working as intended, but if that's the case we need the Dreckos to stop crawling through doors. I can do absolutely nothing to keep them penned in, not with automation, not with clever architecture. If a dupe opens a door at the wrong time they're gone.
  4. I've noticed similar issues when building horizontal doors. The game bugs so hard that I can't even change the text in the bug report. In my case it wasn't the automation. It seems to be when they build horizontal doors, they then try to climb upward, sometimes into something that already exists. That seemed to cause the crash in my case. Maybe it has to do with displacing things into physical objects?