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Can i get some advices for my adventure mode run e.g witch character do i play witch or some advieces for each charapter(worlds) 1-5 in Adventure mode I would be werry thankfull:D nad sorry for my english i'm not from england or us

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The best/easiest character is WX-78. Gears are abundant in Adventure Mode, so you can get WX to his max stats quite quickly. Gears are also great to bring along to the final level (World 5, "Darkness") because you don't need to worry about food, health, or sanity.

The way to approach each of the worlds varies. You can check out the Wiki for full detailed explanations (no shame in that, Adventure Mode is hard!), but here's some general tips. NOTE: I'm assuming you're playing original Don't Starve, not Reign of Giants:  

  • A Cold Reception: a little challenging to begin because of alternating rain/snow, but seasons change every few days so it's not too bad. Focus first on ways to keep warm (fires, hats), then explore. You can spend a good amount of time in this world, building up a base and unlocking your crafting menu, and there will definitely be a Walrus so you can get a Tam-o-Shanter and/or Walking Cane. Have a plan in mind for when Frog Rain comes.
  • King of Winter: if you start Adventure Mode with this as world 1, just die and restart. It's the hardest to begin with if you're not familiar, because it's infinite Winter. There will be many Walrus camps available, and DeerclopsOtherwise, be sure to dig up twigs, grass, and mushrooms - they won't regrow while you're there, so may as well get the most you can out of them and use the plants as fuel in your fire.
  • The Game is Afoot: this is my favorite level, I wish I could play it permanently! I spend about 7 days exploring the main island, and the offshoots. Ignore the tentacle offshoot for now, and try to clear at least a running path through the spider offshoot if you can. When Deerclops comes (day 8, if I remember correctly), I run as fast as I can through the offshoot with the clockwork monsters. They'll fight Deerclops, and I'm safe on the other side with abundant resources until permanent Summer begins. After Summer begins, it's permanent, so this world is easy - treat it like any other regular play-through, and stay as long as you want while you craft things. If you make it through the clockworks early, there's at least one Walrus on the other side (further away, so you don't get ambushed).
  • Archipelago: make a mini-base on the main island you start on, and keep coming back to that as a resting stop during your explorations. Each island is basically it's own biome, so you'll need to explore them all get your resources. This world has normal seasons, so Winter will come on day 20. The Teleportato will be on an island with Forest and Killer Bees... when you find that, don't bother exploring until you're ready to fight the clockworks and world hop.  
  • Two Worlds: easy-peasy. You start on an island that's permanent Summer, with abundant resources. There are 2 wormholes on the island - one is single-use (green/gray) and one is regular (pink). They take you to a second island, where seasons proceed as normal (Winter on Day 20). This is one of the last worlds you'll be in, so take as much time as you need to prepare for the future.
  • Darkness: speed-run in permanent Summer. You may die a few times, but luckily, there are many Touchstones available. I build a Chest at each Touchstone, and leave 1 gear, 2 torches, an axe, and a pickaxe. That's enough to get extra resources while I get back to where I died. If you have anything perishable, always wear a backpack and keep those things in it. That way if you die, they stay in the backpack instead of spreading out. At major stopping points (like sanity bridges), I would sometimes build a Crockpot and a Firepit, in case I needed to make food and get light before I got back to all my stuff.

Another couple of tips:

  • Get a Tam-o-Shanter and Walking Cane as soon as you can!
  • Many of the worlds will have a limited resource, such as: no trees, only stumps. No grass, only plants that need fertilizing. Be on the lookout for those, as you'll have to adjust your plans.  
  • If you play as WX and bring gears to "Darkness", don't bother bringing a Tam-o-Shanter. Just eat a gear when your sanity gets low. What I bring as WX is: 40 gears, 40 fireflies, miner's hat, walking cane.
  • Before "Darkness", make sure you've pre-built (crafted, but not placed down) as many items as possible. When you get to "Darkness", drop them all near a light source, and hammer them for quick and easy resources.


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