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Requesting Help with Modding a New Ability

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I have been trying my luck with creating new characters for Don't Starve Together by using Dleowolf's "Extended Sample Character" template, so far(and after a lot of effort) I managed to create a couple of characters who simply have readjusted stats, but now I've brought myself into adding an ability for my latest character(pictured below) which is recovering sanity from breaking boulders and chopping down trees. The only issue so far is I lack any form of coding skills and neither have I underwent any programming classes to be able to fully comprehend the lua code, if anything I've surprised myself that I made it this far. And so I've come humbly to this great forum to seek aid with my work.


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Going to eyeball it and say try this:

local function workcheck(inst)

if inst.AnimState:IsCurrentAnimation("chop_loop") or inst.AnimState:IsCurrentAnimation("pickaxe_loop") then

inst.components.sanity:DoDelta(1) --+1 sanity




inst:DoPeriodicTask(5, workcheck, nil, inst) --check every five seconds

the last piece of code goes into the master_postinit the other outside of it. If it works or not I'm not sure but try it out.

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