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New Skills Mod Feedback

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I'm close to finishing up some new additions to my character Whisper and was looking to get some feedback and brainstorm ideas with anyone who's willing to share.

If you haven't played Whisper before here is what she can currently do.

  • Burrow - Allows Whisper to burrow underground, this allows her to avoid enemies. She's able to pickup items from the safety of her burrow and actively move around. Burrowing costs 10 hunger and will drain her hunger 2x faster while it's active.
  • Loves Carrots - Gains additional hunger when eating carrots.
  • Fragile - Takes 25% more incoming damage.
  • Not Scary - Is not scary to small creatures.
  • Friendly - Recruited allies stay with Whisper for longer.

And here are the new features I'm looking into adding.

  • Burrow Temperature - Whisper's burrow is safe from the elements and will help restore her temperature back to 40 degrees over time.
  • Burrow Wetproof - Whisper's burrow is underground and is not impacted by the rain, Whisper will have wet immunity while burrowed.
  • Burrow Treasure - While Whisper is actively moving inside her burrow she will kick up random treasures. (Rocks, Flint, Marble, Carrots, Red Gem, Blue Gems, or Gold.)
  • Retreat - When Whisper's health drops below 35% of her maximum health she will gain a 25% speed boost, but will have a a large sanity debuff.
  • Guilty - When Whisper kills a Rabbit or Bunnyman (this also includes their Beard forms) she will lose 30 sanity.

These perks are all configurable and can be turned on or off so players can play how they would like. Let me know what you think, if you would like more details let me know and if you like or dislike certain perks try to help improve them or explain what it is you like or dislike.

Thanks for your time,


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37 minutes ago, K1NGT1GER609 said:

Burrow wetproof doesn't sound right to me, I hear spring season where the ground is saturated in water and leaks down into the caves. Then again what if the player has raining lots option when they create a new world, eh idk.

I would think you'd get less wet underground in Spring, but it would still come through as a slow leak. What I'm going to do is add a configuration for the wetness and temperature so you can choose how much wet resistance and insulation it gives and leave it up to players to decide on if they want full immunity or just some resistance. Thinking more about it I may end up adding an option to disable the Burrow skill during Spring, similar to how the rabbit holes become unusable. 

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