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The werebeaber looks bugged whenever wearing hats, something like this:


This image is taken from the wiki whenever the werebeaver has a sluper on his head. This also applies in DST if you force the werebeaver a hat. I'm adding this feature to a mod of mine of woodie, but I cannot get the spriter werebeaver file, so I just ask if anyone could add a line of code that forces the werebeaver to not have a hat animation.

local function RightClickPicker(inst, target)
    if target ~= nil and target ~= inst then
        for i, v in ipairs(BEAVER_DIET) do
            if target:HasTag("edible_"..v) then
                return inst.components.playeractionpicker:SortActionList({ ACTIONS.EAT }, target, nil)
        return (target:HasTag("HAMMER_workable") and
                inst.components.playeractionpicker:SortActionList({ ACTIONS.HAMMER }, target, nil))
		or (target:HasTag("DIG_workable") and
                target:HasTag("sign") and
                inst.components.playeractionpicker:SortActionList({ ACTIONS.DIG }, target, nil))
				  or (target:HasTag("hat") and
                inst.components.playeractionpicker:SortActionList({ ACTIONS.PICKUP }, target, nil)) 
        or nil

The pickup action allows the beaver to pick up hats, so I am not sure if this inst.AnimState:Hide("hat") should be added near there or something like that.

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