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Not sure how I did this...

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Anyone know how this may have happened? I have really overdone it with the food poisoning apparently.

I have a polluted water reservoir at the bottom that is sieved to the "clean" water (top left). It appears that food poisoning is then aerosolized by the algae terrariums that have water supplied from "clean" water tank.



"Clean water"


Polluted water



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3 hours ago, Mach26 said:

Polluted water with food poisoning through water sieve you get clean water with food poisoning. Water sieve does not kill food poisoning. 

He is right. You have to heat the water up, but the sad part is that you dont need to do it. Your dupes can shower with this water and you can grow you plants as long as you cook it afterwards. No need to remove the food poisoning

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