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  1. Yep I considered regolith steam or burning hydrogen, but I wanted to save as much hydrogen as possible for rockets later on. Basically my own silly personal rules interfered. Haha
  2. I'm on track to complete the all achievement run! Just need to get into space... Super sustainable really slows down expansion when you're using mostly mouse wheels for power...
  3. I think the achievement doesn't trigger until you submit the bioscan and enter the building
  4. I put liquid or gas storage buildings in there
  5. Yes, it's estimated 1/3 to 1/2 cycle duration
  6. Before the pipe and ventilation duct code changes, I switched to using pipe bridges for the most part, which is pretty labor intense. Has anyone compared the new performance of long pipes vs the old pipe bridge chain method? I would prefer using normal pipes if possible...
  7. Very nice! I also made a similar setup, but used self cooling turbines and radiant pipes to "dump" the extra petroleum heat into the surround steam around the petroleum generators. The ATs liquid cool my base
  8. The deconstructable POIs mod is your best bet. If you do not prefer mods, it'll be quite a challenge and require melting everything except neutronium based stuff.
  9. But muh liquids!
  10. I just wish mafic rock could be used to make liquid pipes
  11. But if this becomes the case, they'll have to remove the "perfect bath water" comment on the description
  12. I love when they cluster like this!! My map has 5 of them all on the far right edge. I'm making a magma shaft out of them and plan to somehow tame them all haha.
  13. Just a small concern, but it could be that your asteroid is about to crash into earth... The heat is the asteroid burning up in the atmosphere.
  14. Fullerene is also not immediately visible without visiting the planet a few times. Have you seen the full resource list of each planet?
  15. Trouble Supplying Coal Gens

    A work around for this is to have a storage bin right next to the coal generator. Sooner than later you'll want to hook it up to the sweeper arm and automate the whole thing