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  1. Deodorizing it is much better since it also gives you a ton of clay and ultimately ceramic. Plus no power!
  2. I just use onedrive, which syncs my documents where klei keeps save files
  3. I never understood this concern... You could still overload a 2kw transformer as well since it has internal power that could still cause the circuit to overload if you exceed 2kw. The 4kw power ensures that game lag doesn't cause the small amount stored power to drain and shut off the whole circuit for a second at a time
  4. Wouldn't this end up deleting a lot of heat and eventually liquify/freeze the whole system? I guess the proof of concept is the whole thing is power positive?
  5. Good thing a light in a barracks or bedroom isn't needed!! It's actually counterproductive for sleeping!
  6. Thank you for address many issues! I always thought self planting seeds and wild farms were way too powerful. Food shouldn't be as easy as fire and forget resource free crops. Like the rest of ONI, it requires planning, labor, and resources that can potentially be replenished with feedback loops... With that, a puff buff would be awesome
  7. Out of curiosity, how warm is ethanol as it comes out of the distiller now? Stuck at work
  8. As the title says, I noted the conveyor loader blocks the space scanner when it is placed within 15 tiles of a scanner in any direction. The first picture verifies that the scanner without the conveyor is 100%. When I add the conveyor loader, it suddenly becomes blocked even if the loader is below the scanner. Scanner without conveyor loader at 100% Conveyor loader added with degradation of signal Conveyor loader below the scanner also affecting the signal. Note the closer the conveyor is, the worse the signal interference. I noticed this while trying to set up an automated space scanner that scoops up mined regolith and transports it to a steam turbine room. I was going to use water and a tile to keep everything cool, but noticed the signal degradation as soon as I built the conveyor loader.
  9. I must contest your assessment.... This happened after a few hours with a scrubber that wasn't using water..... I have 3 bottles like this and I kind of want to unleash them....