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Circuit Overload - Bug?

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Im not sure if this is a problem experienced by anyone, but I've been seeing this issue pop up multiple times during my playthrough from the day I started playing this game (outbreak update).

As seen in the image below, I've run a normal wire circuit bridge through a set of heavy wires. After some time, the normal wire circuit bridge would overload despite not being in any way connected to the heavy wires. The current running through the wire bridge is clearly below 1000w, and so theoretically there shouldnt be any such issues.



In most circumstances, I simply work around this apparent phenomenon, but wanted to be sure if this is a genuine bug, or if this is an intended consequence.

Anyone experiencing the same?

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after some checks, it would appear that my normal wires up top have come connected to heavy ones :p

Guess this was a none issue after all. My bad.

I dont quite understand why the overload damage will concentrate particularly on those two bridges though. Oh well, guess I'll be doing lots of rewiring.

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