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how to use TheFocalPoint in modmain action

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Hello, I have problem I do not undersand, help is appreciate.


I try use TheFocalPoint in modmain action (I want sound only play for one who preform action)


local ACTION1 = GLOBAL.Action()
ACTION1.str = "Action1"
ACTION1.fn = function(act)


and get this crash

attempt to index upvalue 'TheFocalPoint' (a nil value)

If anyone can help that be fantasic, thanks for your time!

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The problem is act doesn't contain focalpoint or inst. I don't know off the top of my head but I believe focalpoint is similar to cameras and requires finding parent or child of act.doer which is inst. Usually I think sound emitters are called in states not actions as it is easier to control the timing and link to the sound emitter.

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