Bug: Unable to select resolutions abote 1920X1080


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After today's patch the game defaults to 640X360 on launch. Upon entering the options menu, the choice to move above 1920X1080 is no longer available. Additionally the option to change the aspect ratio is also grayed out. I'm running a 1920X1200 resolution monitor on a gtx 670, latest drivers. There were no issues prior to this patch. Here is a screenshot of the error: http://imgur.com/ZsMqi.

Thanks for taking a look, please let me know if you need more information.

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Hey there. Were you previously running the game fullscreen and switched to windowed mode before this issue popped up? If so, what happens when you go into fullscreen?

The fullscreen option had been left as the default since I first launched the game and modified the resolution. Upon launching today (after downloading yesterday's patch), fullscreen is now selected by default again, and it has set my resolution to 1920X1200 so my issue is fixed. Thanks to the team for the quick patch.

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I'm having a similar issue that hasn't been resolved by the patch.

Upon launching the game for the first time it defaults to 1280x720 8:5 fullscreen. It won't allow me to select any resolution higher unless I disable fullscreen mode, then it gives me a maximum selectable resolution of 1920x1080 in a bordered window.

I was however able to force 1920x1200 in bordered window mode by editing the graphics.ini file. If I then enable fullscreen the game switches to a very low resolution.

I've yet to try 2304x1440, but I doubt it will work either. I think a borderless window mode would solve the issue.

Monitor: Sony FW900 usually run at 1920x1200@85Hz or 2304x1440@80Hz

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