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Beefalo ranch


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Hey I was here playing as usual and then I had the idea to make a "beefalo ranch". Something that probably three thousand players already thought about.The idea is: Get somewhere with a lot of beefalos, surround then with walls but one space, this space would lead to a "slaughterhouse".Now what you would do is either wait for a grown up beefalo to enter the slaughterhouse or provoke one of them that is far away from the others and lead it to the place.After the victim is inside the slaughterhouse you use a hay wall to close the area where all other beefalos are and kill the unlucky creature.When you are done, just break the hay wall.Now before I started doing all this I would like to ask some experienced players if the other beefalos would go and just destroy walls if they are locked in one place or if they would just keep running into a wall.Also, do beefalos destroy walls on mating season even without provocation?I will try to do all this stuff for now and if I have any progress I will post some SS here :)I just think it would be fun to literraly have a ranch in don't starve with beefalos, farms and a very confortable house. Everything the devs don't want us to do :pedit 1: Found a nice place. It's near a swamp/forest area. Just eed to lure a few beefalos. It is somewhat close to the pig king but this swamp have like 4 ponds very close to each other. I will terraform this area to be more pleasant and hopeful tentacles only respawn in swamp tiles.

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