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Can you Create Chlorine by mixing gasses/liquids?

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I have this screen shot here.


It used to be only Natural gas and everything is sealed with a liquid air lock (hehe). so chlorine from other places cant go in. not in that amount for sure.


I sent down oil, petroleum  and i guess some polluted water to touch magma to produce more Natural gas.

Was Chlorine created in the process somehow?



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To my knowledge, the only things that can create Chlorine are Bleach Stone, and Chlorine Geysers.

Was any of that NatGas sourced from the NatGas Geyser itself?  1 of the 2 exposed templates spawns with an amount of Chlorine in the chamber.  Could that be where it comes from?

Unless your map had the exposed Chlorine Geyser, in which case that NatGas template could not have been used.

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