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[HELP] attempt to index field 'inventory' (a nil value) : CAVE ISSUES

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Hello It's me again ; U ; l l  !!


Now I get a new issues ... # Am I a Trouble maker?! X'''D

I try to fix this Bugs with Cave On . 


it's always said this error When I try to Transforms << Press Z >> :  


[string "scripts/components/playercontroller.lua"]:1858: attempt to index field 'inventory' (a nil value)

LUA ERROR stack traceback:

    scripts/components/playercontroller.lua:1858 in (method) OnUpdate (Lua) <1683-2057>
    scripts/update.lua:192 in () ? (Lua) <149-228>

-------------------------------------------- OR ---------------------------------------------------

[string "scripts/components/playercontroller.lua"]:1052: attempt to index field 'inventory' (a nil value)
LUA ERROR stack traceback:
    scripts/components/playercontroller.lua:1052 in (method) HasAOETargeting (Lua) <1051-1057>
    scripts/components/playeractionpicker.lua:293 in (method) DoGetMouseActions (Lua) <284-326>
    scripts/components/playercontroller.lua:1803 in (method) OnUpdate (Lua) <1683-2057>
    scripts/update.lua:192 in () ? (Lua) <149-228>




Here is the Full error log : client_log.txt

And here is my Script Use for this mod : modmain.lua  aikawa.lua

Could you Help me please ? ; u ; 

Sorry for my brain i'm just a dumber ,,, 

Thank you very much !

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Hello , I have Try to add this code to fix my issues  :


1:    inst:AddComponent("inventory") 
2:    if inst.components.inventory ~= nil then


1. I Try to adding to the master_postinit and it's doesn't work.


2. I Try to adding to the common_postinit and it's doesn't work.


3. I Try to adding to the master_postinit and common_postinit and it's doesn't work.


4. I Try to adding it to the Onbecametiger(inst) but it's get the same error.

         [ 1-4 I Try to adding 1: only and it's doesn't work.]

         [ 1-4 I Try to adding 2: only and it's doesn't work.]



5. I try to Remove all of the " inventory " mentions and.... it's get the same error.

string "scripts/widgets/inventorybar.lua":157: attempt to index local 'inventory' (a nil value)



Or there have another ways to fix this error ? BUT IDK How to fix it.

 Please Anyone has any tips?  

, ,

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I am getting the second error consistently.

It happens when I try to walk around in a world with caves.

It does not matter if it is a new world or not.

My character is like wx-78 so eating means upgrades and previous versions of my mod worked.
I am going to try it with removing an OnEnterDark function and see what happens.

If you found out the problem (this is an old post) let me know please!


It was my OnEnterDark function.

This is what the function did 

--local function OnEnterDark(inst)
	--if inst.LightWatcher:GetLightValue() <= 1 then
		--inst.components.sanity.current = 0
		--inst.components.hunger.current = inst.components.hunger.current / 2


And in the master_postinit

--inst:ListenForEvent("enterdark", OnEnterDark)


Anyone know what the problem with this function on cave worlds?

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