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  1. Thank you @IronHunter That was the push in the right direction I needed! The files auto complied with the names I assigned. However, I cannot test them in game cause of error spawning my character in. But thank you for the help!
  2. Question about the anim folder. I am trying to make custom items, but without the animations when I drop them, you cannot see them. I was wonder how to format and change these images to make the complied into their own animations. I only need an animation for when they drop on the ground. I tried to copy another items anim file, but since they shared the same internal name somewhere so it couldn't run. I heard talk about an scml file, however I do not know how to format it.
  3. Is this little problem putting my character at max stats every time I reload the world?
  4. Thanks for that but what is the term I should use for it, I believe this is the right setup but it says it is invalid. local function OnSave(inst, data) if then = end local function OnLoad(inst, data) if data then if then = end end end So I know inst and data need to be declared as the same but how do I declare the max health?
  5. Hey I need some help with saving my character. The upgrade system works for my character but the problem is every time I reload the world the stats of my character resets. Anyone know how to code to save the max heath, hunger, and sanity of my character in-game. My character is below, Scruffy. Thank you. scruffy.lua