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      [UPDATED] Physical Megapack Disc Issues   04/16/2018

      We are now ready to accept claims for PS4 Megapack replacements.  Once again, our deepest appologies for this entire situation. We understand that your purchase of the Megapack was a show of support by our fans, many of which already owned the game. Please know that we have done our best to push as hard as we can for a quick and fair resolution to this issue. This has taken WAY too long to be resolved but we have done everything in our power to make sure our fans get what they purchased.   We are going to use the voucher codes we have been using to provide the digital version to claim the physical replacement discs. For North America, we are handling these requests directly through our own store with help from our friends at IndieBox. Claims will be handled at no cost to you. For claims outside of North America, 505 will be taking your information and processing your claims.  Those who purchased the Megapack after 4/26/2018 should have been given a voucher at the time of purchase on your receipt.  Those who purchased before 4/26/2018 or did not get a code otherwise can contact us for a voucher code that will entitle them to the digital megapack and can be used to claim the physical replacement discs. We have been handing those out for a while now, but if you are in this category and have not requested a code, you can do so here: http://support.kleientertainment.com/customer/en/portal/articles/2935839-physical-mega-pack-disc-support-information Once you have a voucher code:
      For purchasers in Europe (SIEE). To make a claim you will need to make file a claim through 505 here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSckru65CWkXH5RZ_3j2f5_h1djNiAyrl8R0PCvdKPmGwItyvA/viewform For purchasers in North America (SIEA). To make a claim you will use our support site and use the voucher code to claim a replacement here: http://support.kleientertainment.com/customer/portal/articles/2952265-ps4-faulty-disc-claim If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know here on this thread or contact us at livesupport@kleientertainment.com Thank you.   


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  1. Mod Character Tag Limit

    My character has so many tags because it seems to be adding a eater tag to my character. If I am not suppose to eat something it removes the tag on my character with self.inst:RemoveTag(v.tag.."_eater") I got the mod in a current "stable" condition because I moved beefalowool eat function into the scruffy.lua from the it originally being in modmain.lua Something strange is I can't find where it adds the tag.
  2. So I have been having trouble with my mod and others together. With other mods my character goes over the limit of tags allowed and shuts down the server. Here is my code and I was wondering if there are some work arounds adding so many tags. scruffy.lua modmain.lua
  3. Could this be a crash because of a bearger is in the world that I don't know? Well the problem had to do when I c_despawn() my character or spawn in for the first time. If I log into the same world with another character it is fine. Something appears to be wrong with my character.
  4. So you are right. It stopped crashing but what went wrong with my character?
  5. Ok this is the full code, I currently disabled the function that I don't believe works. modmain.lua scruffy.lua The code that I am referencing is from scruffy.lua
  6. So I am having trouble with a character on a caves world. He crashes when he spawns from the Florid Portal in a caves world. The crash report is attached, pardon the poor picture it kept crashing if I did anything more. The report comes up if I move at all when I spawn and then the game usually crashes. I am able to play normal if my character slides into the darkness, dies, then I relaunch the server. I found the code that breaks the game: It was my OnEnterDark function. This is what the function did --local function OnEnterDark(inst) --if inst.LightWatcher:GetLightValue() <= 1 then --inst.components.sanity.current = 0 --inst.components.hunger.current = inst.components.hunger.current / 2 --end --end And in the master_postinit --inst:ListenForEvent("enterdark", OnEnterDark) All this code is in my character file. Again, this crash happens on spawned character that move, that haven't died, in a caves world.
  7. I am getting the second error consistently. It happens when I try to walk around in a world with caves. It does not matter if it is a new world or not. My character is like wx-78 so eating means upgrades and previous versions of my mod worked. I am going to try it with removing an OnEnterDark function and see what happens. If you found out the problem (this is an old post) let me know please! UPDATE: It was my OnEnterDark function. This is what the function did --local function OnEnterDark(inst) --if inst.LightWatcher:GetLightValue() <= 1 then --inst.components.sanity.current = 0 --inst.components.hunger.current = inst.components.hunger.current / 2 --end --end And in the master_postinit --inst:ListenForEvent("enterdark", OnEnterDark) Anyone know what the problem with this function on cave worlds?