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how to cool new "Cool steam geysers"

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hello, I've been doing tests, with the new cool steam geysers, but I can not condense 100% of the steam, without the geyser waiting for the overpressure to decrease. Does anyone have any idea how to make the most of the uptime?. This is what i have right now, but its kinda big. Anyine have a better design?


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2 hours ago, SixbySix said:

Just put metal tiles between the polluted water and the steam compartment.  You get 100% up time.

i havent try that yet, but the idea sounds great actually, simple and cheap. ill try it later, and now that i think, it doesnt even need weezworts

26 minutes ago, eggsvbacon said:

How did you build metal tiles over the neutronium? Is this debug? netSd69.gif

yes its debug


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4 minutes ago, SixbySix said:

This setup works for me with no downtime.  You pump the hot water to your fertilizer plant/sieve and refill when it gets to 130ish.    One pool lasts for 100ish cycles.





is that geyser ur only source of clean water?. 

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