Characters and animals don't move

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Hello, so I just created dedicated server to play with my friend with caves etc.

But there is one annoying bug and I don't know how to fix it - didn't find any fix on the internet.

The problem is: i am host > i am running around, i see my friend running, animals, monsters etc etc
BUT my friend cant see me or animals or monsters move - for my friend everything 'just stay running/moving on the spot.' 

It doesnt happen when we play normally without caves - but it happened now when i created the dedicated server

What can cause that and how can I fix it??

Pings and internet are find for both of us so its not related to connection/lags...

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We tried without a single mod today aaaaand it happened for both of us now D: 
We were both moving and we saw each other running in one place.

I will post logs later today or tomorrow. 

And yea I know that this is weird issue as I can't find any post or video related to it :/ 

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