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  1. Problem with walking in place of characters

    Really there is no solution?
  2. I am playing Don't Starve Together on dedicated server with my girlfriend, and we have a problem... Actually for me there is no problem at all but she sees my character moving in place, I see hers normally. The animation plays normally as I am walking but I'm staying in the same place on her screen - not moving even one step, one inch, one cm... We are sitting next to each other in same room, using same internet connection, same PC setup, same settings, we have good pings, good connection and it happens only to her on our dedicated server. How can I fix it for her? It's very annoying as there is no sense in playing together when she can see me walking only in one place and can't interact with me in-game... Restarting my game or her game doesn't help, restarting PC, steam, restarting of dedicated server, generating new world - nothing helps. We both have the same mods installed etc. It happens only on servers with caves - when we played before on server that I was hosting on my PC without caves there was no problem... Now dedicated server with caves and there is this problem...