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I made a valiant attempt to build a MEGASPOM in debug mode.

Don't bother building one of these for yourself. The oxygen comes out too hot.


Designwise, it basically came out to 4 SPOMs connected to 6 hydrogen generators all built around one of the thermo-nullifier POI's. Based on math I've seen on these forums and elsewhere, I was under the impression that the nullifier should be able to provide as much cooling as 14.4 wheezeworts. Since the normal SPOM uses 4 worts and outputs cold oxygen, the MEGASPOM design should be capable of outputting 32 dupes worth of temperate oxygen.
It's not, however. Even after having been left alone for many cycles, the oxygen comes out at around 40 degrees on average.
So, I did the math myself...
Nullifier Cooling: 400 J/s * 200 (hidden building multiplier) = 80,000 J/s
Oxygen Spec Heat: 1.005 J/g/K
Electrolyzer oxygen output: 888 g/s x 4 = 3552 g/s
Cooling required to cool electrolyzer output = (3552 g * 1.005 J/g/K) = 3569.76 J/K
Cooling provided by nullifier = 80,000 J/s  / 3569.76 J/K = 22.4
Huh. So once the MEGASPOM reaches equilibrium, I can expect the oxygen to come out at 47.6 C. That's... exceedingly disappointing, and supports the other theory I've seen around, which is that 1 Nullifier = 8 Worts.
Oh well, back to the drawing board. I might try making a two-electrolyzer MIDDLESPOM. Using this type of POI would be too easy, I might see what I can do with the other types.
Or maybe a MINISPOM using a deoxidizer wait what am I saying how would that even work.
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