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  1. The AETN deletes 80 kDTU/s of heat for 10g/s of hydrogen, which you could instead use to run a hydrogen generator at 10% uptime, so we can consider the power cost to be 80W. An aquatuner cooling water moves 4.179*14*10000 = 585 kDTU/s of heat for 1200W. If you ran it at 6.67% uptime you would have the same power cost as before of 80W but only move 39 kDTU/s. Assuming either way you can successfully delete the moved heat (such as putting it into hydrogen destined for a generator), the aquatuner is only about half as efficient as the AETN but much, much easier to scale up. If you need to do a lot of cooling (such as cooling geyser output) then the AETN simply doesn't have enough cooling power and you should use an aquatuner. If your requirement is smaller, such as cooling oxygen from electrolyzers, then the AETN is more efficient.
  2. Modding is disabled for the DLC currently; it just entered Early Access and they don't want to waste time with bug reports that are actually due to mods. They'll re-enable them later.
  3. Here's a semantics question: is appearing to be invisible different than actuallly being invisible?
  4. Use automation to get your water in the 0-5 range precisely. Or, just get it to approximately 5, use abyssalite pipes, and cool the air as much as you like.
  5. Looks like pufts and slicksters now only produce 50% of the mass they consume. No more natural gas generator / slickster mass-positive loops
  6. I'll have to load a game to check, but I assumed this to mean that they won't eat bottles of liquids (such as from mopping polluted water). Frozen liquids are, by definition, solids.
  7. I agree, the addition of new critters seems very very likely. Either in Mk II or during this preview, I hope to see a better way of handling flying creatures. The old lures are not good, I'm pretty sure the devs know that (watching the stream, it seemed like they were aware), and either this or Mk II is where it most makes sense to fix them.
  8. Either restrict your scientist to only research (or disallow operate), or put the wheel behind a door that only your hamster can pass through.
  9. "Don't Starve Alone" seems like a more intuitive name for the expansion. The current name seems to imply the opposite of what it is meant to encourage.
  10. All, If this mod is crashing for you, could you provide a bit more information? It seems to be working fine for me. 1. When does it crash: when initially running the game, when enabling the mod, or when loading/starting a save? 1b. If it crashes during gameplay, does a specific action cause a crash? 2. When it crashes, does it provide an error message? If so, what is it? (Take a screenshot if necessary) I am having trouble reproducing the crash, so any information about what is causing it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!