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Sleep Schedule on the bed / multiple beds

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the clock tool in the automation panel, could you add this type of control to each bed.  Letting us say when the dups can sleep, so they work on schedules or shifts.  They dont all need to sleep at once do they?

This way 1 bed could be assigned to many dups during diff hours of the day.  Handy for highly decked out fancy rooms.  Also can set the sleep amount to more than normal so they are on light work duty helping out on letting them rest more for faster stress re leaf.

The thing about multiple beds.

In large bases they could have multiple beds assigned, so that they go to the nearest one.

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I used to find the sleep schedule as it currently is rather tiresome.

Purely because of the break in play time - sitting there waiting on speed 3 for them to wake up and it still takes a while.
Nowadays I just have debug mode enabled. Solely to make use of speed 4, which makes the nights super quick.

I was sort of hoping they would introduce speed 4, available only at night, as an option in the core game.
But alternative sleep schedules would work just as well!

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