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Potential Bug In Regards to Actions and Modded Prefabs

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So I've had this issue reported to me a few times now in regards to my Repair Mod where people have thought my mod is crashing their game, but when looking at their crashlogs it seems it was other mods crashing the game with the error message: 

ERROR: Mod component actions are out of sync for mod workshop-########. This is likely a result of your mod's calls to AddComponentAction not happening on both the server and the client.

Which I thought okay, it's other mods that aren't handling their actions properly and it's causing the client and host to go out of sync with each other as this is also a client-side crash, not a server crash. But then the other day I get the report of the same exact issue occurring, but it's with a mod that doesn't even touch any of the actions whatsoever, neither newly added actions nor amending already existing ones. This was the Ice Maker 3000 mod and in it, all that it's adding is the prefab for the Ice Maker 3000 as well as a couple mod config options. Other than that I don't see anything in regards to changing/amending any sort of action :\

What I have found, however, is under the "AddNetwork()" function in any given prefab file, it adds an empty table under the "modactioncomponents" variable and assigns it to the given prefab. This empty table shows up directly under the error message in the log under the given ERROR message above:

[00:25:28]: ERROR: Mod component actions are out of sync for mod workshop-858801295. This is likely a result of your mod's calls to AddComponentAction not happening on both the server and the client.	
[00:25:28]: 	K: 	workshop-858801295	 V: 	table: 2FEE3090	 -- empty table
[00:25:28]: self.modactioncomponents is
[00:25:28]: 	K: 	workshop-846289888	 V: 	table: 20D059A8
[00:25:28]: 		K: 	INVENTORY	 V: 	table: 20D0E738	
[00:25:28]: 			K: 	shaver	 V: 	function: 1C38FFC8	
[00:25:28]: 		K: 	USEITEM	 V: 	table: 20D05188	
[00:25:28]: 			K: 	plantcure	 V: 	function: 1C38FF28	
[00:25:28]: 	K: 	workshop-850125165	 V: 	table: 436FFC40	
[00:25:28]: 		K: 	INVENTORY	 V: 	table: 43709998	
[00:25:28]: 			K: 	tinder	 V: 	function: 2FB47FA0	
[00:25:28]: 		K: 	USEITEM	 V: 	table: 43702B70	
[00:25:28]: 			K: 	battery	 V: 	function: 2FB48120	
[00:25:28]: 			K: 	hammerfix	 V: 	function: 2FB47AA0	
[00:25:28]: 			K: 	magicfuel	 V: 	function: 2FB47BE0	
[00:25:28]: 			K: 	manurefuel	 V: 	function: 2FB48060	
[00:25:28]: 			K: 	reinforcer	 V: 	function: 2FB47D60	
[00:25:28]: 			K: 	saltfuel	 V: 	function: 2FB481C0	
[00:25:28]: 			K: 	spooler	 V: 	function: 2FB47CA0	
[00:25:28]: 			K: 	tinder	 V: 	function: 2FB47F80	

Notice how the tables under MOD_COMPONENT_ACTIONS were iterated through and shown every value in each where the one under self.modactioncomponents was empty. Why is that table even there? Is there a way to be able to merge that client-side table with the server-side table without using AddComponentAction as there's no action to be added/amended? If anyone has any insight on this issue, I would love to learn more about it and know if there's any way I could maybe have a way to handle merging them through my mod by some means.


EDIT: Oh crap, I must've clicked the wrong forum link and didn't even realize it lol could a moderator move this over to the modding forum for me? My apologies xD <3

EDIT 2: I actually went and just reposted it over on those forums anyways, so if someone could delete this post I'd be grateful :)

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