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dem Tallbirds... (some sort of diary)

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My first game... Loving it so far.My first island is lovely, however I wasn't able to find many rocks to mine. Only enough to build 2 fire pits. I've Built a "fence" with the trees, because there are spider nests in every direction. Spent a good deal of nights running mindlessly around my fire pit to avoid spiders; they are scared of the fire, but sometimes they ignore it completely. Tree fence helped with that greatly. One night however, I made a mistake of poking one of their eyes at night, which caused an entire horde of spiders to chase me till the dusk. Never again.I've built some shovels, and moved many berry bushes to my camp, which is surrounded with a tree fence. Not only bushes, but also some grass and saplings aswell. Mother Nature has been kind to me. I only chopped the oldest trees, and planted young ones right away. I even removed the tree stumps, have to keep the place tidy somehow.I put traps everywhere in my camp. You can never be too careful with these spiders moving around. I won't destroy their nests, as they have every right to be there as well as I am. Just... keep them away from me...Once my camp was protected, and had enough to supply itself, I started to explore the next island. It was relatively smaller and lacked the resources I've needed... So I burnt the forest to gather charcoal fast(er). Mother Nature seems to be OK, as long as I plant the cones I've gathered on the first island.Food has been a problem. Not the food itself, but the variety of it, so to speak. I wish I was able to get some farm plots, but I lack the fertilizers. Maybe in the future I can build a pig house, and get the manure I need from there.Third island is... different however. New things that I haven't seen. Many graves. I won't touch them until I'm sure I'm ready for whatever I face. Oh and, finally, many rocks! I've collected around 60 gold! Most of them went to research, as I was direly in need of some new stuff... I was able to equip myself with a log suit and a spear, aswell as unlock some new stuff like chests, tents, straw rolls, etc... Chests were a great help; to tidy up my first camp. Also, settled a new camp on this third island. I won't be needing a tree-fence, since there aren't any hostile nests around. I think I'll keep burning the second island for quick charcoal, while planting new trees over there. And I'll keep exploring this third island meanwhile.I've located 2 Tallbirds! Right next to each other, and laying eggs nearly every day or so! To test it out, I had to eat one of the eggs though. It wasn't that satisfactory. However, when I throw one of them to my research machine, holy cow! 80! Now I can save up the rest of the gold and use tallbird eggs for research I guess... Wish I could do something for them, maybe feeding them somehow? Leaving them alone would be the best for them, but I really need those eggs... Wish I could return the "favor" somehow.Food is short in the third island though. Just a handful of berry bushes around. If I'm to get some pig house and farming plots, third island is where I need them most. First island could use some of those as decoration too. But real use would be here on the third island.Onwards to the fourth island!

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