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putting more focus on languages !!

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 Here is the thing , I really enjoy the game and trying my best to bring it as my main game as lots of my friends ( who don't even play pc games ) keep asking me to do so as they really enjoy the aspect of the game and couple of them are really willing to BUY A PC  just for it but here comes the issue,, LANGUAGE barrier as English isn't their mother tongue  they find it difficult to understand the description of the items in it ,, and I cant find any mod who will make an ARABIC language transilation  so I really encourage you to do it as I know we arounf here have very strong buying force and very enthusiast  about tecnology it would really make a lot of profit and help the hype the game currently has and get me to play the game with clear mind as I dont have to explain evey flipping word in it everytime I play it lol . good luck keep the good work up. #languages 

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Translations are usually provided by the community via the steam workshop.

While it might have certain benefits when companies provide the translations by themselves, it increases the cost for all of us, while the quality of the result is not always worth the effort.

In the steam workshop everybody can participate and translate the game. So far close to 41 languages have went through this endavour. Arabic - unfortunately - is not among them. But since you seem to be quite able to communicate in english, you are most welcome to take the first step and create an arabic language (starter)pack.


The base template contains ~5000 strings, so sharing the work seems like a good idea. I am sure you are not the only arabic person on this forum who would be willing to participate.




Please also note that i refrained from writing my entire text in bold, underlining and capsing random words or overusing punctuation. Please do me that favor as well.





apparently there are already people working on a translation for arabic. There seem to be some problems with the font (right-to-left and character positioning).


Maybe you should contact them and see if you can jointly finish their effort:



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thank you at first, 

I wrote in bold and underlined some 3 words to help the reader look up the keywords there but no worries ill retain from doing that.


as you found out Arabic is a totally different language its wrote from right to left not only uses genuinely different letters, so it needs to be not only moded into the game but mainly programmed into the coding of the game to make it at least easier or actually achievable by any outsource to work in it and that's why I exactly communicated you guys here, I'm not the forums type of a guy but I really enjoy the game and would love to see so many others do so . 

bust of luck. 

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