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Prefab to full name?

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inst.prefab is only usable when i have an instance of the prefab. It's also not what i need since it gives me the prefab name, but not the full name.

As an example: I have the prefab "eyebrellahat". What i want is a way to translate this to "Eyebrella" without spawning the prefab and calling inst.name

What i am currently doing is something like this and it just feels bad in a performance way:

local prefab_spawncode = "eyebrellahat"
local inst = SpawnPrefab(prefab_spawncode)
local prefab_name = inst.name -- This returns "Eyebrella"


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It almost seems like your trying to get the STRINGS.NAMES[spawncode] for the prefab right?

If that is what you are trying to do, I found this blurb from entityscript.

--line 646 in function EntityScript:SetPrefabName(name)

Replacing self.prefab with a string like "eyebrellahat" gives me the string name that you get when you hover over stuff.

Hope that helps



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