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Small things to add/update in descriptions/details

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A list of things that should be added to or updated in the descriptions or details of various items and materials:

  • That airflow tiles and mesh tiles don't block light.
  • That doors can be placed horizontally by rotating them.
  • Say how much of a speed boost plain tiles give, and also how much (if any) speed boost is given by special tiles (farm tiles, mesh tiles, etc)
  • Say how much slower dupes move up and down ladders compared to horizontal movement, or explicitly say there is no penalty if there isn't any.
  • Say how much of a speed bonus plastic ladders give.
  • The steam turbine should say the minimum temperature of steam it needs, so it will be clear that it can't be powered by steam geysers.
  • Wash basins should say how quickly pure water is converted to polluted water.
  • Ore scrubbers should say how much chlorine is consumed per use.
  • "Polluted oxygen" should use a different description that "[adjective] toxic".  Possibilities to use instead of "toxic" are "infectious", "germ laden" or "germ ridden".
  • Explicitly note in the liquid pump that pumping liquids against gravity does not take extra power.
  • Note that liquid in pipes is unaffected by gravity.
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