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[Help] Custom button does not show?

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My code (I saw from other post at forum and edited)


AddClassPostConstruct("widgets/statusdisplays", function(self)
    local rules = self:AddChild(ImageButton("images/scorebutton.xml", "scorebutton.tex"))
    local imgrules = self:AddChild(Image("images/rules.xml", "rules.tex"))
    rules:SetScale(0.5, 0.5, 0.5)
        if imgrules.shown then
    rules:SetPosition(-1000, 150, 0)
    imgrules:SetPosition(-600, -200, 0)

Am I wrong? I want to add show buttons like inspect self button, how should I choose widgets (statusdisplays or controls or inventorybar ...)? Thank you.



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