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[Help]- character mod - character transforms with low sanity

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Hey! I want my character to be able to do a 'mighty' transformation like wolfgang but when sanity is low instead of with hunger.

No idea how! I tried looking in Wolfgang's files, but I don't know where to put it, or how and everything I did just crashed it. 

I've already got a mod for the character I have to drain sanity at day and gain sanity at night, which I wanna keep.  I've attached what I have so far so you can help, because I have no idea what to put where (very new to this)

So basically, what code do I need so he'll transform into a mighty form when low sanity, and then back to normal form once a bit more sanity is gained.
What I'm after is almost exactly like wolfgang, a bit of a damage and health buff when he's in his mighty state, that goes once sanity is regained.

What do I need to do to add that kind of mighty form in the images/animations for the mighty form too? Again, whenver I fiddled and tried tutorials I just coudln't get anything to work. I used the very helpful character tutorial template, but this part has me stumped.  I don't wanna go to crazy here, just a bit of a reskin will be fine, don't wanna fiddle with the animations.





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So i tried to find a character that had a Wolfgang-like transformation to see if I could just fiddle around with it. And I found this https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=598842237&searchtext=wolfgang 

But, I think the problem may be the animations? I tried changing nothing but the images of the character to see if I could export at least my character's appearance over and it crashed the game. So how the hell do I fix that?

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